Japan ambassador Kacumato Takahito visits the factory Mayekawa Smederevo

Ambassador of Japan Katsumato Takahiko paid a friendly visit to Smederevo today, November 16, 2022.

Stable cooperation between Serbia and Japan has been confirmed, which when it comes to Smederevo is best pictured in the excellent functioning of the Japanese company Mayekawa.

Mayekawa Japan is a world-renowned refrigeration and equipment manufacturing company and has been operating since 1924. years, and in two years it will celebrate 100 years since its foundation.

It has been operating in Smederevo since 2019. years. Of the 40 countries where "Mayekawa" has factories or representations or companies working for this Japanese company, the Smederevo factory received a certificate from the central as the best company in the system. This means that the quality of the production has been set to a very high level.

The Smederevo factory Mayekawa headed by Mr. Zikica Andrejevic who has been successfully cooperating with this Japanese company since 1987. in the year, it started production with 21 workers, and now has 85.

Construction of a second plant is underway and should be completed by the end of the year.

Ambassador Katsumata pointed out that he was particularly happy to have had the opportunity to visit the Mayekawa production facility.

"Thanks to the support of the city of Smederevo, the local population and the company's Japanese staff joined their efforts to overcome all difficulties and produce the highest quality products every day. I am delighted with this form of cooperation. I wish all employees of the company and their families, first of all, good health, as well as a bright and fulfilling life. I am convinced that their dedicated work will lead to the further progress of Mayekawa and the city of Smederevo, as well as that the friendly relations between Japan and Serbia will be further strengthened in this way."

In the picture: Ambassador Katsumata with Mr. Andrejević and Mr. Hatanda, director and executive director of the company "Mayekawa Serbia".