The new Ambassador of Japan in Serbia, Mr. Imamura Akira visiting the "Mayekawa SRB" factory

The new Ambassador of Japan in Serbia Mr. Imamura Akira today, March 14, 2024, visited our factory "Mayekawa SRB" in Smederevo and then the city administration of Smederevo.

The ambassador got acquainted with the history of the company "Mayekawa" in Japan, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. He also got acquainted with our company "Mayekawa SRB", which was founded on January 10, 2018 and started working on May 15, 2019. We presented extremely good results for our business, which the Ambassador praised. Our awards and recognitions were also shown, so the Ambassador wished us to continue those results.

After the meeting, we visited the production plants, as well as the "Test station" where our products are tested with "Glycol" and "Ammonia" under load, in order to prove the cooling capacity and the designed level of utilization - COP.

For the distinguished guest, the mayor of Smederevo, Ms. Jasmina Vojinović, and the President of the City Assembly, Mr. Milan Perić, organized a reception for the delegation of the Embassy and the company "Mayekawa SRB" in the "Blue Hall" of the municipality.

Thanking her for the visit, Mayor Jasmina Vojinović pointed out that the city has a very fair cooperation with this well-known Japanese company, and since 2018 with the newly opened company "Mayekawa SRB". Last year, "Mayekawa SRB" bought another plot of 2.5 ha in the industrial zone for the purpose of building another factory (for the production of robots for deboning chicken meat, as well as flow tunnels for deep freezing of fruits and vegetables). This year "Mayekawa Europe" bought the domestic company "EM-dip" and the construction of a new factory for the production of "pressure vessels" in the industrial zone is starting, which will hopefully be completed by the end of next year.

They also discussed the projects implemented by the Embassy of Japan in Serbia and the establishment of stronger cooperation between the city and the embassy and the company "Mayekawa SRB".

Ambassador Mr. Akira Imamura reminded that the Embassy of Japan previously secured a donation for the Textile-Technological and Agricultural School "Despot Đurađ" for the purchase of tractors and equipment for textile processing.