Factory opening ceremony “Mayekawa SRB”

On Friday, October 4, 2019, the factory "Mayekawa SRB" was ceremoniously opened in Smederevo, which will produce the most modern refrigeration systems, devices and compressors.

The idea of ​​building a factory in Smederevo came from Mr. Shin Maekawa, owner of Mayekawa, based on a quarter of a century of excellent cooperation with the Smederevo-based company Klima, founded in 1993, is an authorized distributor and servicer of products of the European branch - Mayekawa Europe. Moreover, Mr. Maekawa insisted that the director of the new firm be Mr. Zikica Andrejevic, the owner of the company "Klima" - and so a new factory was created in Smederevo, which, as a leader in the world, will certainly work in the interest of Smederevo and Serbia.

Mayekawa Srbija

The new factory in Smederevo is not a branch of a Japanese company, but a completely domestic company, which now employs 38, and after the third phase will have 250-300 employees. The new factory will sell its products in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Mr. Zikica Andrejevic led a tour of the new factory

The first contract with "Mycom Europe" was signed by Mr. Radmilo Grković, general director of the company "Fagram" from Smederevo, back in 1986. After the termination of the work of "Fagram", the Smederevo company "EM-dip", with the help of Mr. Grkovic, continued to produce pressure vessels for the needs of the European branch of "Mayekawa Europe". The same company will continue to produce pressure vessels for the Mayekawa SRB factory.

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Zikica Andrejevic had great help in choosing the location and obtaining all permits from Mrs. Jasna Avramovic, the mayor of Smederevo, who was the guest of honor at the ceremonial opening of the factory.

"If the workers are satisfied with the working conditions and income - they will work as for themselves and we will have quality production. It is the same in ‘Klima’, and it will be the same in ‘Mayekawa SRB’ ”, stated Mr. Andrejevic, just before the ceremonial opening of the factory.

The factory was officially opened by planting a few seedlings of Japanese cherry, and then the guests moved to a restaurant where they were first greeted by Mr. Zikica Andrejevic with the following words.

His Excellency, Mr. Junichi Maruyama planted a young Japanese cherry

"We are very happy that you came to increase our celebration. I would especially like to thank His Excellency Mr. Junichi Maruyama, the Ambassador of Japan and the Mayor Dr. Jasna Avramovic for their great help in the realization of the entire project. I would also like to thank the companies that participated in the construction of the factory, guests from Belgium, Spain, France, Poland, Hungary, Saudi Arabia, and our end users: Monica refrigerators from Aleksinac, Carslberg breweries, Celarevo, Heineken in Novi Sad and Zajecar, Apatin Brewery, Nektar Company in Backa Palanka and Vladicin Han. I owe a great deal of gratitude to Mr. Jan Boone, Executive Director of Mayekawa Europe, who is known to the Serbian professional public for his outstanding presentations at the HVC Congresses. "

H.E. Mr. Maruyama greeted the guests and expressed satisfaction with the continuation of the traditionally good cooperation between the two nations.