“MAYEKAWA SRB” Smederevo was founded on January 10, 2018 by the Japanese company “Mayekawa”. The owner of the capital of the company is “Mayekawa Holding AG” Switzerland.

“Mayekawa” Japan is a famous, world-renowned, Japanese refrigeration compressor company, operating since 1924. The representative office for Europe, Africa and Asia Minor is Belgium-based “Mayekawa EUROPE” (Zaventem), where the units are aggregated. As a consequence of increased demand and increased production, another plant in Europe was built - “Mayekawa SRB” in Smederevo, Serbia.
Construction of the plant began in May 2018, and one year later, on May 15, 2019, production began.

The first orders shipped to the market are:

1. Cooling Units (Marine Units) 3 pcs for Spain
2. Chillers, 3 pieces, for Poland
3. Cooling compressor units, 8 pieces, for Germany

The quality of the delivered aggregates is extremely high, especially since all welds are controlled by 100% radiographic examination (X-ray)

“Mayekawa” - Japan has opened representative offices worldwide, as well as many factories for the production of compressors, refrigeration units and special robotic machines.